Stephen G. Kennedy…I am a happily married father of triplets headed to college. Writing…reading…photography…bird-watching…cat-petting — they all belong under the heading of my eclectic, mid-sixties, lifelong educator lifestyle.

Cooking…cleaning…spelling well since age four…listening to classical & innovative music — somehow they all fall into a pattern that reflects a chirpy chaos of beauty, random order, and perpetual surprise.  I used to publish a lot of poetry — now I send notes to friends who take me to lunch.  Once I traveled around the world — now I take the cats to the vet. Decades ago I worried about finding a place to take a date — now I love watching “The Big Bang Theory” with my out-of-this-world wife.

As an old philosophy major, the Cogito Ergo Sum used to be a favorite.  I’ve changed that around a little, to: I learn, therefore I am.  My hope always is to share that with others.

This blog is an occasion to share my reflections on learning, teaching, parenting, teaching, and how love and simplicity can sometimes steer us through the maze of modern times.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I forgot you “were” a philosophy major. So “was” I. At a downtown ATL hotel, our waitress, a young African-American woman attending a local college declared her major with a tattoo written in script on the inside of her forearm: Cogito Ergo Sum. I asked her about it, when she delivered the bread basket. Apparently, she’s one of us and we’re one of her.

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